We specialize in Agricultural, Industrial, Livestock and T&O Professional products and services doing business in the Western United States with our primary business in Southern Idaho, Nevada, Eastern Oregon and Utah.

Popular Products

Agriculture Products

Roundup PowerMax

Its enhanced consistency of control has been proven on hard-to-control weeds such as velvetleaf, lambsquarters, purslane, kochia and morningglory and more!

Fast Trak

Fast Trak is intended for use with herbicides such as Glyphosate Products, Poast, Gramoxone Inteon and any others where ammonium sulfate is recommended.

Agri Star Amine 400 2, 4-D

 A quality broadleaf weed herbicide effective on many common broadleaf weeds including: Cocklebur, Thistle, Bindweed & more. For a full list of controlled weeds, see label.
Animal Feed & Nutrition

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